A.Thody Arts

a selection of the artwork produced from 2000 to the present, in various media.

Laughing Faerie – watercolour 2006

Work 2000 to 2019

Faerie Babe – Stoneware 13″

Himba Girl

Commissioned Works

I enjoy collaborations and commissioned works, in any of the media I have available.

About Me

I never thought I’d be an artist as a child, I preferred writing in fact, but drawing won out when I was a parent of young children, then watercolours, and later I switched to clay and various other media.

I try to depict what I know, what’s relevant to my life and thoughts – though I don’t much care to talk about my work, it’s rather take it or leave it.

You can see everything I’ve encountered – from the faerie legends of a European childhood (as a Celt), to the exotica of life in Africa and the Caribbean, the ocean, the tropics… and now from 2020, my return to Europe, and discovery of Galicia in NW Spain… a land of enchantment!


Currently in Spain: Pontetrado, Cortegada 32213, Ourense, Galicia

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